What are the Advantages of Structural Steel Frame Construction?

There are many advantages of structural steel frame construction.  The versatility of steel has led to it being included in almost every phase of the building process from floor joists to framing. Some of these advantages of structural steel that makes it a reliable option include lower shipping costs, the speed of construction, reduced labor costs, and durability.

Steel or Wood?

Steel may be considered relatively heavy as compared to wood in respect to density, but it is a lighter option when it comes to framing. This means less shipping costs (which often impacts the budget) as well as reduced labor costs. It also makes the design of the structure’s foundation much simpler which can further reduce the cost of construction projects.

Time Saver

The advantages of structural steel used in your construction project are that it can increase construction speed. Steel components are pre-engineered according to a particular design and are prepared to be erected. This significantly reduces the construction time, enabling the completion of large-scale construction projects in just several weeks. Prepared and pre-cut steel parts, ready for assembly, mean less cutting and measuring required on site.

Cost Efficient

Reduced construction time can provide various cost-saving benefits such as less labor costs. However, there are also other characteristics of steel that make it affordable and cost-efficient:

  • It is recyclable, so you do not have to pay landfill fees for any non-recyclable waste. In fact, a lot of waste removal companies have programs where they collect your metal waste including steel at zero cost
  • Steel is a more cost-effective choice for building owners since it is extremely durable and does not require a lot of maintenance. This can save a significant amount of money throughout the lifetime of the building.

Utilizing steel in building residential, commercial or industrial structures is definitely a smart investment.

Take advantage of a structural steel frame in your construction projects. If you are planning on using steel materials in your construction project, make sure to choose quality products from trusted steel suppliers like STEELWORKS Supply and Design. Call today for quotes.