At Steelworks, we understand the importance of your time.
We offer a variety of Steel Supply Solutions in Nashville, including fabrication and design solutions to meet your needs.

Stock Metals
Carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum in flat sheets or structural shapes steel supply available.

Design Solutions in Steel

Our structural design staff can assist you in designing a solution to your material problems or downloading your DXF file.
Our structural design staff will assist you with your punch, form, roll, or cutting requirements with flat sheets or structural steel fabrication, using the latest technology.
∎ CNC machine for extremely precise drilling or cutting. ∎ Computer-controlled water jet to precisely process steel on multi axes. ∎ Plasma cutting for faster turn-around of your order.
Retail Center
Need welding wire, welding nozzles, gas, gloves or other welding supplies? Our on-site Service Center offers consumable welding supplies while you wait for your order to be processed and loaded onto your truck.
Shipping or Delivery
If it is more convenient to have us deliver or ship your Steel Supply in Nashville or other areas, we can handle that.